The 80/20 Rule

My dad always use to talk to me about the 80/20 rule in regards to various business, finance or marketing strategies which occurred in his industry. He would use this as a reference to explain the reason why one business or brand outperformed their competitors in product sales and revenue. However, he never actually told … Continue reading The 80/20 Rule



  What are your Non-Negotiables to achieve optimum athletic performance? As a beginning coach, only just finishing my first season coaching a group of sprinters, it is probably something I have reflected upon the most since the season finished a few weeks ago. For my athletes, what are the aspects of training, which in my … Continue reading Non-Negotiables

Bilateral Deficit

At this time of year, for many track and field athletes in the southern hemisphere who are not at the elite level; they will have transitioned into the off-season; enjoying some much needed down time. Both athletes and coaches alike, will formally or informally begin to dissect their season identifying the good, the bad, strengths, … Continue reading Bilateral Deficit