Daily Training Load & RPE

Back in July, I attended an ASCA workshop where Nick Poulos, former Head of Physical Performance at Adelaide FC (now Head of Athletic Performance AUS Men’s Rugby 7’s) presented on ‘Periodisation in AFL Pre-Season’. After working his way through various GPS metrics he went on to describe and detail what he termed his drill database. … Continue reading Daily Training Load & RPE


Coaching Interview #7 – Adrian Mott

This is the seventh instalment of a series of interviews with industry leaders in fields such as Strength & Conditioning, Coaching, Physical Therapy, Sports Psychology, Nutrition & Physical Education. In this latest post we hear from Melbourne based Strength & Conditioning coach, Adrian Mott. Being involved in the Aussie track and field scene, I came to know of 'Motty' after … Continue reading Coaching Interview #7 – Adrian Mott