The Training Environment

Recently having spent a few mornings down at the Port Adelaide Football Club, being mentored by Ian McKeown, it has really consolidated my view on what high performance is all about; the Training Environment. Mainly the human-relationship element. Period. If you don't get this right, don't expect your athletes to reach their potential. They will still achieve, … Continue reading The Training Environment


What’s your training philosophy?

This isn't a long post but one I thought I would write as I count down the days until the start of the GPP with a new group of athletes. Stu McMillan, Altis,  recently posted on his Instagram (see below - along with many other thought provoking posts); is imperative that a coach has a set … Continue reading What’s your training philosophy?

Coaching Interview #11 – Keir Wenham-Flatt

This is the 11th instalment of a series of interviews with industry leaders in fields such as Strength & Conditioning, Coaching, Physical Therapy, Sports Psychology, Nutrition & Physical Education. In this interview we hear from the UK born, now based in Tokyo, the new Strength & Conditioning Coach for Toshiba in the Japan Rugby League, also known … Continue reading Coaching Interview #11 – Keir Wenham-Flatt