Frans Bosch Infographic: Strenth Training and Coordination

I put together this infographic last week after reading the new text by Frans Bosch, Strength Training & Coordination: An Integrative Approach. Some parts of the text are pretty dense reading (which is similar to his previous text 'Running') but I feel there are many applied elements and principles which can be utilised in the field … Continue reading Frans Bosch Infographic: Strenth Training and Coordination



The AADC2016 is building momentum with tickets available now from here!! Already some fantastic interest in this local initiative! Great presenters speaking about all things Athletic Development! Listen. Learn. Network. Check the Facebook page (AADC2016) for further info. Get your tickets ASAP!

Adelaide Athletic Development Conference 2016

I am lucky enough to be involved with organising, collaborating and presenting at the inaugural 'Adelaide Athletic Development Conference'. What started as a conversation between three of us back in October of 2015, has materialised into something tangible which will be held this November in the Western region of Adelaide, South Australia. The Adelaide Athletic Development … Continue reading Adelaide Athletic Development Conference 2016