Periodisation is a Myth

Periodisation can be described as a long-term methodical plan to achieve optimal performance, whereby various physiological qualities are systematically developed, while also controlling levels of fatigue and the law of accommodation. But is this actually reality? Do coaches (or athletes) actually believe that by planning macro, meso and microcycles up to 12 months in advance … Continue reading Periodisation is a Myth


Confirmation Bias: Performance Training Kryptonite

Selective thinking could be another way to describe the phenomenon of Confirmation Bias. Whereby, people begin to look for or confirm their own beliefs and ignore or undervalue information which may contradict their views or beliefs. Essentially, people would rather avoid the possibility that there may be alternate views on a topic, think religion or … Continue reading Confirmation Bias: Performance Training Kryptonite

Coaching is all about relationships

Coaching is all about relationships. Period. There really is nothing else. Athletes will not listen or buy-in to coaches' they have not formed a connection with. The past week has been perhaps the most traumatic week of my life. As a coach,┬áit really made me realise the impact you can have on your athletes. I … Continue reading Coaching is all about relationships