Performance: Is it just the change?

As Tupac wrote. ‘…things will never be the same’ This blog has been writing itself in my head over the past 4-6 weeks after listening to Derek Evely on the HMMR media podcast. The episode titled ‘Changes’ discusses the use of change as the stimulus in training to elicit the desired outcome. Change is the … Continue reading Performance: Is it just the change?


The Placebo Workout

A placebo can have a very powerful effect. In a clinical sense, a placebo (the control) and the real drug (intervention) are given to patients to determine the therapeutic effect on an illness or disease. Both patients believe they are receiving drugs which will treat their illness. The health of BOTH patients begins to improve… … Continue reading The Placebo Workout

Periodisation is a Myth

Periodisation can be described as a long-term methodical plan to achieve optimal performance, whereby various physiological qualities are systematically developed, while also controlling levels of fatigue and the law of accommodation. But is this actually reality? Do coaches (or athletes) actually believe that by planning macro, meso and microcycles up to 12 months in advance … Continue reading Periodisation is a Myth